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anyone near shamokin, danville,

Posted by studwilly - Jul 5, 2015

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From: long island,new york, NY - USA

Looking for: I'm a real bear looking for other big married guys to play with.

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From: Sacramento, CA - USA

Looking for: ISO hard bodied masculine men in far northern Calif or Southern Oregon who love to play with guys!

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From: New York, NY - USA

Looking for: Drop me an email to find out what I am looking for! :)

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From: costa mesa, CA - USA

Looking for: I am masculine and muscular looking for other masculine/muscular men.

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From: Atlanta, GA - USA

Looking for:  

Older, but not fossilized guy with a sense of humor, intelligent, charming, thoughtful, kind, considerate, witty, relatively sane, responsible, secure, funny, knowledgeable, interesting, empathetic; guy who appreciates some or all of these qualities in other men. Prefer that you host if you can.
Am not interested in pretense or self-centered people whose every waking thought is only concerned with themselves. The lessons of life teach that you gain far more from what you give than from what you expect and demand of others. 
Would appreciate an opportunity to meet genuine, nice, caring guys who can carry-on a conversation, have opinions that are thoughtful and complex, are attractive (I know that is very subjective and I find all types of men handsome), and can appreciate the values and qualities of strong character, intelligence, and a genuinely nice and kind man. Doesn't it make your day to meet a great guy who is not only bright and intelligent, but where an instant chemistry is evident and undeniable.
Depending on the other guy and his reaction(we all have limits, both physically and spiritually, and life is always a negotiation), I can be mild to rather intense. No preconceived notions, no hidden or mandatory agendas, it is all about what feels right at the time and with the other person. Just a really normal guy (no pretense, no hype, no unreasonable expectations) who believes we all need and deserve some pleasure and satisfaction in our lives.
I believe in focusing on your pleasure and the experience of sensual contact, not just in fulfilling my own. After all, isn't life self-centered, me-centric, and selfish enough? Aren't you tired of the same old, usual demands and requirements in these ads for: 
•  chiseled gymbots only, 
•  dick sizes that would make livestock blush and demure, 
•  cocks that need their own zip codes, 
•  six-pack abs instead of pony keg stomachs, 
•  exclusionary, mandatory age caps and other irrational limitations, 
•  demands of "let's do this in the next ten minutes or forget it, don't bother!", 
•  endless claims of prowess, stamina, size, shape, Herculian talents, virility, and "hotness", yet they never seem to "find" anyone or are always online soliciting, 
•  obvious professional porn pictures claiming to be their own,
•  more attitude than a diva, without any of the underlying talent or exemplary qualities,
•  one-line profiles with less information and accuracy than a badly-written horoscope or visit to the Psychic Friend's network
I like and appreciate all "types" of men from large to small, tall to short, young to more mature. Of course that doesn't mean I don't have some personal preferences, as we all do (interested in Caucasian, Latino, Asian only). Why not enjoy the company of someone who believes their experience is only heightened by the other person's pleasure? 
Serious, but funny, honest, and reliable, all the virtues of a scout, but without the merit badges to prove it. Am past the point of:
• game-playing, 
• pretense, 
• constant excuses, 
• not showing when plans are made, 
• evasions, dishonesty, and subterfuge, 
• flaking-out at the last minute, 
• stalking (those last four Orders of Protection certainly made their point, ha!), 
• endless and pointless xxxxx-tag. 
Am 6'4", 238, no facial hair, but hairy (sometimes, even in the right places). Won't be mistaken for a porn star in a line up (no further explanations needed [I hope], comments, or derisive remarks, please), but can appreciate whatever assets, desires, aspects and enthusiasm that every man brings to the bedroom.
Am very experienced with a warm, wet, tongue and a gentle, but stimulating touch. Very oral, very tactile guy who believes in fulfilling the other guy's needs (it isn't all about me) and in making the journey as sensual, as exhilarating, and as satisfying as possible. 
Take a chance, you never know, it might turn into something truly remarkable and rewarding. It doesn't have to be all about me, but it can be all about you. It also doesn't have to be all about hot, sweaty sex (although that is always an added bonus!). Actually, I can carry-on a conversation, am intelligent, interesting, humorous, perceptive, intuitive, am pleasant and enjoyable, and wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee or a drink with someone to see where it might lead.

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Looking for: Top looking for hot young sub bottom. Lets have some fun guys